Starting today, we’re launching a new video series: every month, we’ll be featuring a video quiz created by an iSLCollective user, and walking you through what makes it really cool and how we would use it in class. The first featured quiz is on reflexive pronouns, based on a hidden camera video about a prank where a school girl is asking passers-by to help her lift buckets full of coins.

In the tutorial video, we look at three different question types featured in the video quiz (gapfill, multiple choice, putting the words in order), talk through the four different play modes, and demonstrate casino mode. We also cover technicalities such as how to make the quiz question visible if there is a „more videos” banner, so you come across as the pro video quiz teacher that you are when you use it with your students!
Anna Csíky, iSLCollective Teacher Trainer

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SimoneGodoy November 03, 2018

Descrição da tarefa e resumo da cena

Descrição da tarefa:
Prática de listening, treino para compreensão, completar as lacunas, colocar palavras em ordem
Resumo da cena:
Prática de listening, treino para compreensão, completar as lacunas, colocar palavras em ordem
Video length: 2 minutes 28 seconds
Video genre: Video compilation (e.g. Vine video compilation)
Tipo de lição: Compreensão auditiva básica - Verificação de audição ("Você entende o que significa?")
Tipo de aluno:
Licença de direitos autorais: Creative Commons Atribuição - Partilha nos Mesmos Termos Licença
Primeira publicação: 2018-11-03, 23:06:37 (GMT+1)

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Perguntas do questionário (imprimíveis)


Llenar el vacío: ________________________ is Luka

2) I live on

  • the second floor
  • far from here
  • fourth floor


Coloque as palavras em ordem.: from upstairs I live you


Llenar el vacío: Yes I guess you've seen me ________________________


Llenar el vacío: If you hear something late at ________________________

6) Some kind of trouble, some kind of

  • fight
  • light
  • desire


Coloque as palavras em ordem.: what don't Just was it me ask


Correct the wrong word: I guess it's because I'm clumsy


Llenar el vacío: I try not to ________________________ too loud


Llenar el vacío: Maybe it's because I'm ________________________


Combinar os itens:
I try not to actso fast
I try not to walktoo proud
I try not to talktoo loud

12) They only hit until you

  • cry
  • fly
  • die


Correct the wrong word: And after that you don't question why


Coloque as palavras em ordem.: argue don't You anymore just


Llenar el vacío: Yes I ________________________ I'm okay


Llenar el vacío: I walked into the ________________________ again

17) Well, if you ask that's what I'll

  • pray
  • say
  • tell


Llenar el vacío: And it's not your business ________________________


Llenar el vacío: I guess I'd like to be ________________________

20) With nothing broken

  • nothing come
  • nothing thrown
  • nothing done


Coloque as palavras em ordem.: ask don't am me how Just I

Sobre o autor


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2018-12-19 19:48:06
I would like to find more videos like this. Can You help me please?
2019-01-18 13:27:59
Just loved it! Thanks a bunch
2019-01-18 13:32:21
Adorei seu video e as atividades diversificadas! Vou tentar criar um tambem :) Voce me deu varias ideias. Thanks a lot!