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By Abaarso School

Raas Cabaad, Somalia

Abaarso School is looking for individuals interested in training the top secondary school students in a deeply underprivileged section of the world. Abaarso, a boarding school in the Horn of Africa, focuses on math, science and English. Teachers spend approximately 20 hours per week in the classroom, plus significant work outside of class (often in the range of an additional 30-50 hours a week). Many Abaarso teachers also assume management roles, and all are expected to lead extra-curricular activities by coaching sports teams, running student clubs, or leading work-time activities. We are always seeking professionals with experience in finance, business, IT, computer networking, communications, marketing, and/or management experience, to strengthen our organization. Teachers at Abaarso School must be hard-working, adaptable, and self motivated, with strong interpersonal skills. While Abaarso is an entrepreneurial organization with lots of opportunity for advancement, teachers must be willing to work within the Abaarso system. Qualifications: - Bachelor’s Degree Required - Native English Fluency - Teaching Experience Preferred - Work Abroad Experience Preferred Compensation: - Round-trip Airfare - Quality Housing - Meals - Travel Medical Insurance - A $250/month stipend