8 years atrás
Hi there,

we're soon realeasing new developments on the site, and I'm looking for one or more people who can help translate the new text messages from English into Portuguese.

Mostly words, phrases, half sentences. I can send over in email the excel file containing them.

We're behind ourselves, we just got finished with the texts, and we're releasing the new developments in the coming days, so the sooner the better.

Please write to me if you can help out with the whole thing or a part of it.

Bless up,
8 years atrás
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
Hi Peter,

I can help you with the translations...

8 years atrás
reply to Alzawag's post #2
Hi Alba,

I had sent you a PM a while ago. We could really use your help to translate the new texts from English to Portuguese.

Thank you,

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