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"Thanks a lot for the work you do every day. You have saved me a lot of times with your worksheets. I think this is the least I can do to..."
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"thanks for all your work and effort, over the past few years you´ve helped me with countless number of lesson plans!"
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Ainda faltam alguns meses. Apoie-nos para que possamos terminar o trabalho no novo site.

Somos uma equipe pequena, e gostaríamos de ajudá-lo a ensinar melhor. Mova o cursor acima das nossas fotos para ver quem somos.

Meu nome é Istvan Jaromi, e eu sou um desenvolvedor de backend. Eu codificar novos recursos e corrigir bugs.

Eu sou Szelina Szigeti, e eu sou um desenvolvedor de frontend para iSLCollective. Isso significa que estou trabalhando em como as coisas parecem no site.

Sou Benedek Princz, co-fundador da iSLCollective e Diretora Técnica (CTO), que gerencia nossa equipe de desenvolvedores.

Eu sou Peter Laszlo, co-fundador da iSLCollective e chefe de desenvolvimento de produtos. Eu sou responsável de vir acima com idéias novas da característica e de projetá-las e de gerenciar sua produção, como nossas lições video novas.

Sou Adam Laszlo, também co-fundador da iSLCollective. Eu sou o CFO, e meu principal trabalho é gerenciar nossos assuntos legais, financeiros e de recursos humanos.

Meu nome é Zsuzsa Kiss. Sou seu assistente de helpdesk. Se você tiver alguma dúvida ou problema, você pode me encontrar no info [at] islcollective [dot] com, e eu ficarei feliz em ajudar.

Eu sou Szabolcs Simonyi, desenvolvedor de backend. Assim como o Istvan, codigo novos recursos e corrige bugs.

Co-founder Peter Laszlo's Message

Peter Laszlo

Em breve, o iSLCollective terá um novo site. Quase dois anos em construção, estamos a meses de mudar para o novo site. O trabalho está suspenso por falta de recursos, mas assim que teremos arrecadados os recursos faltantes, retomaremos os trabalhos e inauguraremos o novo site o mais rápido possível.

Esperamos que goste das dicas abaixo.

O novo site tem um mecanismo de pesquisa aprimorado com categorizações completamente novas:

Você poderá pesquisar seus autores favoritos no painel de filtro de pesquisa:

Você pode navegar facilmente entre os uploads de seus autores favoritos na página de portfólio deles:

Você também poderá baixar planilhas em formato PDF, junto com o arquivo DOC da Microsoft.

Bless up,
Peter Laszlo, iSLCollective co-founder

  • "When I accepted my first ESL teaching job seven years ago, I was apprehensive about finding enough materials for my students. I found iSLCOLLECTiVE, and my worries were over. I have used this site almost every day ever since. My students continue to enjoy the colorful worksheets I pick for them. I can always find an appropriate material that students like to work on. I chose to become an iSLCOLLECTIVE sponsor because this site has made me a better teacher."
  • cath57 cath57
    "ISL est un site hyper intéressant lorsqu’on enseigne les langues étrangères. C'est une mine d'or avec des documents divers et variés préparés par des collègues du monde entier. Je sponsorise parce ce que j'utilise les documents tels quels ou en les modifiant.Il est normal ""d'aider un service."
  • JugeKo JugeKo
    I sponsored iSLCollective because it offers many options for teachers in a variety of languages. I found interesting ideas and saved much time, because the website is logically structured and I can quickly find what I need. I would like to thank the whole iSLcollective team for sharing so many ideas.
  • berensheide berensheide
    "I became an iSL sponsor a few years ago because I teach English from home to individuals who are not interested in learning from a textbook. I found the materials on the website very useful for my one to one teaching. Many of the worksheets can be adapted to suit my particular circumstances. I am amazed at other teachers ingenuity and their generosity at posting their worksheets. I only wish I could be as creative! Many thanks to all the contributors."
  • ALiebeskind ALiebeskind
    "Hello, I have been a user of iSLCollective for a couple of years. I often find useful worksheets for my students. For me it is a huge help to be a member of iSLCollective and I think it is important to support Peter Laszlo and his colleagues, because it takes them a lot of work to operate the site and everybody can use this amazing resource for free. Thank you so much!!! ;-))"
  • "I became a member because I find the resources very good and helpful in the preparation of lessons. There are printables for all age groups and many novel ideas, which make them more interesting to learn, especially for the younger students. Also iSLCollective saves a lot of time in the preparation of lessons. So I think to become a supporting member is one of the best contributions I can make. All the best."
  • "iSLCollective is like a coursebook to me. But it's even better, because it's made by real teachers who know what works in class and what doesn't. And it gets bigger all the time. So if it helps me to be a good teacher and prepare nice and varied lessons - why not pay for it? Compared to books it's cheap, because I can pay as much as I want. I think it is important to have websites like this and pay a little bit for it."
  • "I'm a full-time English teacher based in Brussels, Belgium and I've been using iSL Collective's amazing resources for a number of years. The printable materials have proved to be so useful for my classes and the large collection of worksheets means there's always something new to offer my students at very short notice. My teaching has become more dynamic, exciting and varied thanks to this inspirational website. I will continue to sponsor the good work of Peter Laszlo and his team. Great job and thank you."
  • "As a teacher, I have felt sooo Supported by using ISLCollective material in my English lessons, that I decided to become a supporting member. Let' s contribute so that we can continue helping each other!!"
  • "Hi colleagues from everywhere! I'd like to share my ISLCOLLECTIVE experience with you and encourage you to become a sponsor even if for a very modest participation. Operating a website like ISLCOLLECTIVE doesn't come free and I'm sure it would mean a real loss for us all if we couldn't rely any longer on the so great quantity of teaching ressources available on this site. That's why I decided to become a sponsor some time ago, first as a testimony of my gratefulness and secondly to support the great job ISLCOLLECTIVE website operating members are doing for us, teachers from so many countrie . Because sharing is more enriching than just taking don't hesitate to join in. Cheers !"


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You can choose to select a monthly amount to pay every month or you can make a one-time payment. We are happiest for recurring payments, which means you authorize us to automatically charge your Paypal account or bank card every month - until you cancel it. So if you're thinking about whether to pay 15 euros once, or 3-5 euros every month, please choose a smaller, but monthly amount. Of course, we are immensely grateful for one-time payments, as well!

In either case, technically you pay in your national currency, and our bank will exchange it. The currencies indicated in the payment box are there to give you a better idea of how much you are going to pay.

We are glad to answer any questions at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I am considering paying a small amount every month. How does this work?

Paying every month (monthly recurring payment)

If you select "PAY MONTHLY" in the pay box above, it means that you are going to make a payment every month, and with your authorization this amount will be debited (=charged) by iSLCollective automatically on the monthly anniversary of the first payment, until of course, you stop your payments.

You can easily stop your automatic monthly payments by going to the History/support sub menu in your MyPage (click on your avatar in the top right corner). There you will find a link that takes you directly to the page on PayPal.com where you can stop the payments. In case of CCBill (our bank card payment processor), you just have to reply to the payment confirmation email they have sent you, and they will cancel your recurring payment within a few hours.

Recurring payment works both with PayPal and your bank card. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollectve Sponsor" right after successful payment.

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Paying just once 

Sure. If you select "PAY ONCE" in the pay box above, you will be charged your selected amount only once. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollective Sponsor" immediately after successful payment.

Q: What payment methods can I choose from?

1. PayPal

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You can also pay securely with your debit or credit card on CCbill.com, the site of our international payment gateway partner. We have chosen CCBill because it is well-known and trustworthy provider for processing electronic payments.

Experiencing problems when trying to donate with your bank card? You can try using your bank card with PayPal, too. For many people it works, as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I need an invoice after my donation. How can I get one?

Your payment is a donation. According to the laws of Hungary, where iSLCollective Ltd. is based, invoices are not issued after donations. 

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5 years atrás
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
Hi Peter,
I have had some problems to upload my Video Quiz on my Portuguese Language section. I have tried to download my video activities in the French section, and it worked!! However, I have a hard problem to do it in the Portuguese section.
I start by creating the activities, suddenly a message of error appears saying it's not possible to register your activity.
Could you help me, please?
Best regards.
5 years atrás

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