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"Thanks a lot for the work you do every day. You have saved me a lot of times with your worksheets. I think this is the least I can do to..."
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Ainda faltam alguns meses. Apoie-nos para que possamos terminar o trabalho no novo site.

Somos uma equipe pequena, e gostaríamos de ajudá-lo a ensinar melhor. Mova o cursor acima das nossas fotos para ver quem somos.

Meu nome é Istvan Jaromi, e eu sou um desenvolvedor de backend. Eu codificar novos recursos e corrigir bugs.

Eu sou Szelina Szigeti, e eu sou um desenvolvedor de frontend para iSLCollective. Isso significa que estou trabalhando em como as coisas parecem no site.

Sou Benedek Princz, co-fundador da iSLCollective e Diretora Técnica (CTO), que gerencia nossa equipe de desenvolvedores.

Eu sou Peter Laszlo, co-fundador da iSLCollective e chefe de desenvolvimento de produtos. Eu sou responsável de vir acima com idéias novas da característica e de projetá-las e de gerenciar sua produção, como nossas lições video novas.

Sou Adam Laszlo, também co-fundador da iSLCollective. Eu sou o CFO, e meu principal trabalho é gerenciar nossos assuntos legais, financeiros e de recursos humanos.

Meu nome é Zsuzsa Kiss. Sou seu assistente de helpdesk. Se você tiver alguma dúvida ou problema, você pode me encontrar no info [at] islcollective [dot] com, e eu ficarei feliz em ajudar.

Eu sou Szabolcs Simonyi, desenvolvedor de backend. Assim como o Istvan, codigo novos recursos e corrige bugs.

Co-founder Peter Laszlo's Message

Peter Laszlo

Em breve, o iSLCollective terá um novo site. Quase dois anos em construção, estamos a meses de mudar para o novo site. O trabalho está suspenso por falta de recursos, mas assim que teremos arrecadados os recursos faltantes, retomaremos os trabalhos e inauguraremos o novo site o mais rápido possível.

Esperamos que goste das dicas abaixo.

O novo site tem um mecanismo de pesquisa aprimorado com categorizações completamente novas:

Você poderá pesquisar seus autores favoritos no painel de filtro de pesquisa:

Você pode navegar facilmente entre os uploads de seus autores favoritos na página de portfólio deles:

Você também poderá baixar planilhas em formato PDF, junto com o arquivo DOC da Microsoft.

Bless up,
Peter Laszlo, iSLCollective co-founder

  • msilvosa msilvosa
    "I think the activities uploaded to iSLCollective are wonderful. They're so diverse, so many of them, so good... I decided to become a Sponsor because I consider this website really useful. Since I haven't got either the time or the creativity to prepare such great activities, I wanted to contribute somehow to keep this page going. I encourage everybody to follow my example."
  • ingrid63 ingrid63
    "I'm teaching German in a primary schools in France - children from 5 to 11 years. Until now I didn't find books and workbooks for this age. On iSLCollective I can find cute worksheets for every theme. I also found many ideas about how to explain things in many different ways. Often I used worksheets in English and translated them into German, because the way of explaining things was so good."
  • sbartfai sbartfai
    "Of all the different sites I have explored and used, iSLCollective is the only one I can completely depend on for finding exactly what I need, every time. The topics are varied and all levels are available. The choice is outstanding and the quality of the worksheets are unsurpassed. Furthermore they are a wonderful source of inspiration for planning my classes. I am extremely grateful for this site. I think that the privilege of having such a site available to us teachers warrants our sponsorship. It is a constructive way to share our work with others as well as helping each other out. I highly recommend that every one considers sponsoring this excellent site. "
  • JugeKo JugeKo
    I sponsored iSLCollective because it offers many options for teachers in a variety of languages. I found interesting ideas and saved much time, because the website is logically structured and I can quickly find what I need. I would like to thank the whole iSLcollective team for sharing so many ideas.
  • nadjamur nadjamur
    "Hi! I chose to sponsor iSLCollective because I think it is a brilliant resource for foreign language teachers who share their worksheets. I use it mainly for teaching children and it is a great help! Nadja"
  • "ISL is a very interesting site. One way to share and discover what other people use. I am an English teacher in France and this really helped me find a way to avoid the traditional books we are supposed to follow in our lessons. I can find worksheets created by other teachers that are really useful, handy at the last minute and easy to transform and adapt to a specific audience. Thanks to ISL nayogana"
  • Vladislav Vladislav
    "Just wanted to let you know, how much I appreciate your site. It is a wonderful collection, a treasure trove of teacher resources. There are always new worksheets and presentations every day. I have been a member for a few months and I have found the site to be user-friendly and extremely helpful. On iSLCollective I feel like being a kid in a candy store with unlimited money! Thank you very much for the site and let it live forever! Best regards, Vladislav"
  • "Unfortunately I don't teach anymore but I was so greatful for all those beautiful different sorts worksheets. And I think everybody should consider sponsoring because, let's face it, nothing is for free. There are big charges just for running your website and if not us, who else should participate on paying. Thank you""
  • "Es stehen da schnell und kostenlos viele tolle Materialien für den Unterricht zur Verfügung. Man findet da sowohl die Aktivitäten für ein paar Minuten als auch etwas "Gründliches" für Fortgeschrittene, ohne selbst immer neue Bücher zu kaufen oder immer zu "basteln". Aber alles kostet was. Wenn es geht, sollte man jährlich ein paar Euro spenden."
  • "ISLCollective has been an asset in getting teaching materials for my private school here in Mexico. Consider iSLCollective and give them an opportunity to keep up the good work. Benoit Simard"

iSLCollective will soon get a brand new website. Almost two years in the making, we are months away from switching to the new site. The work is suspended now for lack of funds, but as soon we collect the missing funds, we will resume work and roll out the new site as soon as possible.

We hope you will like the sneak peeks below.

The new site has an improved search engine with completely new categorizations:


Q: How does paying work?

You can choose to select a monthly amount to pay every month or you can make a one-time payment. We are happiest for recurring payments, which means you authorize us to automatically charge your Paypal account or bank card every month - until you cancel it. So if you're thinking about whether to pay 15 euros once, or 3-5 euros every month, please choose a smaller, but monthly amount. Of course, we are immensely grateful for one-time payments, as well!

In either case, technically you pay in your national currency, and our bank will exchange it. The currencies indicated in the payment box are there to give you a better idea of how much you are going to pay.

We are glad to answer any questions at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I am considering paying a small amount every month. How does this work?

Paying every month (monthly recurring payment)

If you select "PAY MONTHLY" in the pay box above, it means that you are going to make a payment every month, and with your authorization this amount will be debited (=charged) by iSLCollective automatically on the monthly anniversary of the first payment, until of course, you stop your payments.

You can easily stop your automatic monthly payments by going to the History/support sub menu in your MyPage (click on your avatar in the top right corner). There you will find a link that takes you directly to the page on PayPal.com where you can stop the payments. In case of CCBill (our bank card payment processor), you just have to reply to the payment confirmation email they have sent you, and they will cancel your recurring payment within a few hours.

Recurring payment works both with PayPal and your bank card. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollectve Sponsor" right after successful payment.

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Paying just once 

Sure. If you select "PAY ONCE" in the pay box above, you will be charged your selected amount only once. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollective Sponsor" immediately after successful payment.

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1. PayPal

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2. Bank Card

You can also pay securely with your debit or credit card on CCbill.com, the site of our international payment gateway partner. We have chosen CCBill because it is well-known and trustworthy provider for processing electronic payments.

Experiencing problems when trying to donate with your bank card? You can try using your bank card with PayPal, too. For many people it works, as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I need an invoice after my donation. How can I get one?

Your payment is a donation. According to the laws of Hungary, where iSLCollective Ltd. is based, invoices are not issued after donations. 

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4 years atrás
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
Hi Peter,
I have had some problems to upload my Video Quiz on my Portuguese Language section. I have tried to download my video activities in the French section, and it worked!! However, I have a hard problem to do it in the Portuguese section.
I start by creating the activities, suddenly a message of error appears saying it's not possible to register your activity.
Could you help me, please?
Best regards.
4 years atrás

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