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Somos uma equipe pequena, e gostaríamos de ajudá-lo a ensinar melhor. Mova o cursor acima das nossas fotos para ver quem somos.

Meu nome é Istvan Jaromi, e eu sou um desenvolvedor de backend. Eu codificar novos recursos e corrigir bugs.

Eu sou Szelina Szigeti, e eu sou um desenvolvedor de frontend para iSLCollective. Isso significa que estou trabalhando em como as coisas parecem no site.

Sou Benedek Princz, co-fundador da iSLCollective e Diretora Técnica (CTO), que gerencia nossa equipe de desenvolvedores.

Eu sou Peter Laszlo, co-fundador da iSLCollective e chefe de desenvolvimento de produtos. Eu sou responsável de vir acima com idéias novas da característica e de projetá-las e de gerenciar sua produção, como nossas lições video novas.

Sou Adam Laszlo, também co-fundador da iSLCollective. Eu sou o CFO, e meu principal trabalho é gerenciar nossos assuntos legais, financeiros e de recursos humanos.

Meu nome é Zsuzsa Kiss. Sou seu assistente de helpdesk. Se você tiver alguma dúvida ou problema, você pode me encontrar no info [at] islcollective [dot] com, e eu ficarei feliz em ajudar.

Eu sou Szabolcs Simonyi, desenvolvedor de backend. Assim como o Istvan, codigo novos recursos e corrige bugs.

Co-founder Peter Laszlo's Message



Peter Laszlo

Actually, the most difficult project of my life. Two years of hard work so far! Season after season it seemed like we were just months from the launch, yet again and again we bumped into unexpected problems - technical and other -, which kept setting us back and tested our patience and budget big time. But at last we're doing - big sigh! - the final testing of our upcoming new site and preparing for public launch (see sneak peeks below).

Due to the long delays, however, our finances suffered awfully. More than ever we depend on your generous support of our mission: to offer a treasure trove of free language teaching resources for all situations: paper worksheets in class, online worksheets for remote work and interactive video quizzes. This fundraiser is super important: we need to shore up our finances urgently! 

If the price of a coffee is not too much for you, we'd be grateful if you would show us that you think our work is worthy. In return, we promise you will soon see - instead of a patched up, cranky old site - a modern and beautiful one that is going to serve you guys for the next decade.

Bless up,

Peter Laszlo, co-founder



If you cannot afford the price of a coffee right now, don't feel bad. You can also be part of this amazing global collective by contributing a worksheet you made or creating a video quiz!

  • danbar danbar
    Why have I become a sponsor? Because you deserve it! You offer so many resources for teachers that I feel obliged to support you. Thanks and keep going!
  • douceel douceel
    I sponsored iSLCollective because it is a lifesaver. Sometimes, I have the idea in my mind and I need something to help me explain it to my students. When I go on iSL, I either find exactly what I need or something that I can modify to meet my needs. Thank you all for all your help and keep up the good work!
  • JugeKo JugeKo
    I sponsored iSLCollective because it offers many options for teachers in a variety of languages. I found interesting ideas and saved much time, because the website is logically structured and I can quickly find what I need. I would like to thank the whole iSLcollective team for sharing so many ideas.
  • Mirita1959 Mirita1959
    "Being a member of ISLCollective for the last few years has helped me professionally. Now, I do not worry about not having the right material for my classes, because I know if I don't have time to create it myself, I'll find it at ISLCollective. There are fantastic contributors, whose work is really motivating and useful. I have tried other sites, but I always come back to this one. It's here that I usually find what I need for my students. That's why I have been supporting the site since the beginning both with money and by uploading my own worksheets. I do hope Peter and his team will be able to keep it working with our support and for our sake."
  • dwallnoefer dwallnoefer
    "Es ist wichtig, dass diese kollektive Seite bestehen bleibt... Danke für all das tolle Unterrichtsmaterial, das hier zur Verfügung gestellt wird!"
  • santonin santonin
    "I think it is only fair that hard work and dedication should be rewarded. I have been happy to post worksheets (a few) and to download other teachers' productions (loads) for the last 3 years. By becoming a modest sponsor I wished to support this collective commitment."
  • "Just think: most of you are teachers or people who get a benefit from ISL Collective. You would probably ask your students the same thing: do the right thing! And we will be doing the right thing if we recognise the effort of those who make available this amazing collection of activities. they save us time and work. Isn't that worth anything? Would you work for free? Your help makes a whole lotta difference! Thanks!!"
  • "I teach young children and adults in Austria, hopefully with lessons full of fun. Whenever I look at ISLcollective I always find something I can use. It´s usually a last minute panic to prepare my lessons and I find something quite quickly. I think a small contribution to ´save my neck ´ in these panic situations does not go amiss. Someone has to administrate all of this. And I find it one of the best sites for teaching material - very diverse."
  • "A good community only works if everyone puts in a little share. Hey, this is actually an awesome project! On the one hand, it's just incredible to find so many useful ressources in one spot, and be able to get them. For free. On the other hand, we kind of get used to this, right? Isn't everything in the web for free, sort of? Wikipedia, facebook, youTube, tons of news sites and other sites? No, it isn't. We just tend to forget that. All these sites put in a tremendous amount of work. Some have found other ways to get money, by monetizing your data for example. Or by having people pay to have their content featured. So, it's advertising, just hidden. Others just have a huge network of people willing to work. For free. And so, because nobody is watching us, we start thinking that it is okay to just download and use that work other people have done. For free. But it isn't. Giving back should be a normal thing. And giving back can have multiple forms. You could ask yourself: i have used this platform. It has helped me. How can i help back? Sometimes, this might mean uploading a paper you have created. Sometimes, it might be dropping a line just to say thank you. Sometimes, it is to just donate what you can afford or think is fair. Because, evidently, all this costs money. There is no such thing as free content. Somebody always pays for it. And it is good to contribute to keep it alive and interest-free. Because otherwise, it will disappear. Or be paid for by people who have something to sell. So, yes, do donate. Because it means being a good person. "
  • "Nowadays, being a teacher is difficult because of the different sources children use such as iPad, PC, Tablet, Mobile Phone, but in my opinion they don't have to forget writing and have to improve it so, if besides we give them work sheets they'll improve their knowledge seeing what they write and noticing when they make a mistake. Of course they can do exercises online, but when they will have to rubbered the same word two or three times they finally will have learn it. Moreover ISL COLLECTIVE worksheets are funny and include every grammar and vocabulary so you can always found one which fit with your class."

The new website has the same uploading and downloading system, but with a sleak new design and some new functions (PDF download, new search functions, e.g. author search). Importantly, the worksheets have been re-categorized and combed through for quality, which we hope will make it easier to find what you need. 


New front page: All three resources types (worksheets, powerpoints, video quizzes) featured

Search results page: You can easily clear any filter individually or all filters

Search filter panel: new categorization (Language goals, pedagogical goals) and ew options (e.g., author search)

New worksheet page

Upload page: You start by selecting a file, then you get to the tagging form



Q: How does paying work?

You can choose to select a monthly amount to pay every month or you can make a one-time payment. We are happiest for recurring payments, which means you authorize us to automatically charge your Paypal account or bank card every month - until you cancel it. So if you're thinking about whether to pay 15 euros once, or 3-5 euros every month, please choose a smaller, but monthly amount. Of course, we are immensely grateful for one-time payments, as well!

In either case, technically you pay in your national currency, and our bank will exchange it. The currencies indicated in the payment box are there to give you a better idea of how much you are going to pay.

We are glad to answer any questions at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I am considering paying a small amount every month. How does this work?

Paying every month (monthly recurring payment)

If you select "PAY MONTHLY" in the pay box above, it means that you are going to make a payment every month, and with your authorization this amount will be debited (=charged) by iSLCollective automatically on the monthly anniversary of the first payment, until of course, you stop your payments.

You can easily stop your automatic monthly payments by going to the History/support sub menu in your MyPage (click on your avatar in the top right corner). There you will find a link that takes you directly to the page on PayPal.com where you can stop the payments. In case of CCBill (our bank card payment processor), you just have to reply to the payment confirmation email they have sent you, and they will cancel your recurring payment within a few hours.

Recurring payment works both with PayPal and your bank card. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollectve Sponsor" right after successful payment.

Q: I'd like to pay 15 dollars, but only once. Can I do that, too?

Paying just once 

Sure. If you select "PAY ONCE" in the pay box above, you will be charged your selected amount only once. Your account will be upgraded to "iSLCollective Sponsor" immediately after successful payment.

Q: What payment methods can I choose from?

1. PayPal

In case of using Paypal, the actual payment takes place on PayPal's secure site. If you create a PayPal account, in most countries you can also pay with your debit or credit card.

Experiencing problems when trying with PayPal? Contact us at info [at] islcollective [dot] com, or try the next option.

2. Bank Card

You can also pay securely with your debit or credit card on CCbill.com, the site of our international payment gateway partner. We have chosen CCBill because it is well-known and trustworthy provider for processing electronic payments.

Experiencing problems when trying to donate with your bank card? You can try using your bank card with PayPal, too. For many people it works, as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info [at] islcollective [dot] com.

Q: I need an invoice after my donation. How can I get one?

Your payment is a donation. According to the laws of Hungary, where iSLCollective Ltd. is based, invoices are not issued after donations. 

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4 weeks atrás

Um homem entrou no confessionário e disse ao padre: "Quase tive um caso com outra mulher".

O padre disse: 'O que você quer dizer, quase? O homem disse: 'Bem, nós nos despimos e nos esfregamos, mas então eu parei! O padre disse, Esfregar é o mesmo que colocar. Você não vai ver aquela mulher de novo. Como penitência, reze cinco ave-marias e ponha 50 euros na caixa dos pobres!

O homem saiu do confessionário, fez suas orações e foi até a caixa dos pobres. Ele parou por um momento e então começou a sair.

O padre, que estava assistindo, correu rapidamente para ele dizendo: 'Eu vi isso. Você não colocou nenhum dinheiro na caixa dos pobres!

O homem respondeu: Sim, mas eu esfreguei os 50 euros na caixa e, de acordo com você, é o mesmo que colocá-lo!

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É possível contribuir, de uma única vez, com Cartão Multibanco ou transferência bancária?

6 years atrás
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
Hi Peter,
I have had some problems to upload my Video Quiz on my Portuguese Language section. I have tried to download my video activities in the French section, and it worked!! However, I have a hard problem to do it in the Portuguese section.
I start by creating the activities, suddenly a message of error appears saying it's not possible to register your activity.
Could you help me, please?
Best regards.
6 years atrás

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